Speaker Date Topic
Levi Cambridge-Student of the Year Nov 14, 2018
Marina Village Middle School
Elena DeLacy Nov 28, 2018
American River Conservancy
American River Conservancy


The American River Conservancy protects habitat, native fisheries, scenic vistas, and recreational lands within the upper American River and Cosumnes River watersheds.
To date, we have successfully protected over 24,800 acres.


ARC continues to offer high quality educational programming in the form of Nature Bowl, Nature Camp, Public Programs and Hikes, and California Naturalists Courses.


Land stewardship is the recognition of our collective responsibility to retain, manage and enhance the quality and abundance of our land, air, water and biodiversity.



Marshall Cox Dec 05, 2018
El Dorado Hills Fire Department

This meeting will be held at Fire Station 85, 1050 El Dorado Hills Blvd 

Jonathan Lee-Student of the Year Dec 12, 2018
William Brooks Elementary School
Charlet Burcin Dec 19, 2018
Assistance League Sierra Foothills
Assistance League Sierra Foothills

Assistance League Sierra Foothills is an all-volunteer, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization transforming lives and strengthening our community through philanthropic programs within El Dorado County.  Member volunteers are dedicated to ongoing support and a lasting presence in the community through hands-on involvement and innovative philanthropic programs.

Since its formation in 2008 Assistance League Sierra Foothills’ member volunteers have consistently provided quality service to the residents of El Dorado County.

This past year over 100 member volunteers have contributed over 20,484 hours of service; supporting six multi-generational programs assisting every age range in their communities. Assistance League is extremely proud to have helped support nearly 1,649 children and adults in the community.

El Dorado County is a kind and generous county; we are thankful to have many partners whose support is instrumental in helping strengthen our neighbors.

We work directly with the El Dorado County Office of Education and school districts, local organized youth sports clubs and numerous local businesses and merchants. Together we are building a better tomorrow for the children, adults and families of El Dorado County.



Kathy Miracle-Student of the Year Jan 16, 2019
Lakeview Elementary School
Tracy Linyard-Student of the Year Feb 20, 2019
Oak Meadow Elementary School
Bruce Peters-Student of the Year Mar 20, 2019
Lake Forest Elementary School
Michele Miller-Student of the Year Apr 10, 2019
Jackson Elementary School