For Veterans Day this year, we asked the members of our club who served in the Armed Forces to tell us when and where they served. At our meeting on Nov. 11, Dale Adams, Lou Rain, Robert Leon and Terry Wilson (member of Rotary Club of Cameron Park) were honored with a flag pin from President Kathy Witherow. Following are comments from our club's veterans in their own words. We thank each one of them and are proud to have them as members.

MIKE RUSSELL - "United States Air Force from June 1970 to December 1980. Aircraft maintenance training for all fighter aircraft 1970-1972 . Specific training for maintenance for F-4 fighter 1972-1973. Stationed at Udorn Airbase Thailand 1973-1974 F-4 fighter jet Crew chief. In charge of maintaining my aircraft for combat missions. 1975-1980 stationed at Andrews AFB Maryland 89 th presidential Squadron Inspection branch Air force 1. Supervisor for crews to disassemble the aircraft at regular intervals for safety and mechanical inspections to ensure absolute readiness for flight."


LOU RAIN - "I was in the USMC from 1967 to 1974, serving in the CH 53 helicopter squadron as the SNCO quality assurance officer. Flying test flights and then as an avionic/crew chief on normal flight operations."


STAN PEREZ - " United State Air Force February 74 to June 00. Completed nearly nine years of active duty and over 14 years in the reserves. Ascended to the military's highest enlisted rank, Chief Master Sergeant, responsible for the welfare, training, and deployment of all reserve security force personnel assigned to McClellan Air Force Base. Experience includes head of nuclear storage intrusion detection & alarm systems, training, chief of quality control, and supervisor of law enforcement patrols. Received three Air Force Commendation Medals, an Air Force Achievement Medal and selection as Serviceman of the Year.

"Served worldwide from Turkey to the Philippines. My duties were that of a military policeman, much like a local police officer (i.e., responding to domestic disputes, neighbor complaints, alarms, fights, vehicle collisions, burglaries, and thefts). As I was promoted I assumed supervisory and management responsibilities for military police and civilian contract officers."


ROBERT LEON - "I served my country as a Casualty Reporter for the 3 rd Marine Division in Vietnam. I arrived in March of 1968 and left on March 29, 1969. I didn't expound too much as folks really don't know my job while there, and most folks really don't want to hear about the particulars. In those days, you did as you were told and didn't complain. I left the Marine Corps in 1969 as a Sergeant. Proud to be an American."

DALE ADAMS - "Served in the US Army from 1961-1963. Lieutenant in the Ordnance Corp. Served at Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD and Picatinny Arsenal, NJ.

TERRY WILSON (member Rotary Club of Cameron Park) - Served in the Air Force Sept. 1954-March 1975.