Jodi Krieger joined a group of Rotarians who traveled to Peru last November to distribute wheelchairs to young and old people who, through disease or accident, are unable to walk.

Jodi told her touching story to the EDH Rotary on Jan. 20 with a slide show of the recipients, the Rotarians and the country. Two Rotarians who went on the trip were present at the meeting and participated in the presentation: Frank Cook, President of the South Sacramento Rotary, and Jeanette Anderson, from the Rocklin club.
Jodi said this trip was part of giving back. Her oldest son was born with a disease which left him unable to walk. He received a wheelchair early in life. Jodi said, "The gift of mobility meant so much. It gave him access to a bigger world."
Jodi is shown in the photo with a handmade gift from the Peruvians–a small leather pouch containing happy beads and two tiny guardian dolls.