Speaker Date Topic
John Hansen Jan 23, 2019
Sacramento Regional Family History Center
El Dorado County Supervisor John Hidahl-District 1 Jan 30, 2019
Todd White Feb 13, 2019
El Dorado County Tax Payers Association
Tracy Linyard-Student of the Year Feb 20, 2019
Oak Meadow Elementary School
Moses Osoro Mar 13, 2019
One Child One Hen
One Child One Hen


My name is Moses Osoro. I want to THANK YOU and tell you our story. My wife Emily and I grew up in rural Kenya, Africa.  I was raised in a polygamous family consisting of 10 brothers and 8 sisters altogether. My parents were very poor, illiterate peasant subsistence farmers. Because of this, hunger, disease, illiteracy, abject poverty, and hopelessness were not a surprise to us. We ate from hand to mouth and if lucky would eat two times a day; but it was often one meal a day, mostly at night with really nothing to save for the next day. School was far away and we walked barefoot over long distances everyday with no breakfast hoping that education would one day deliver us from these problems.

I remember putting on my first pair of shoes when I joined missionary high school, after a well-wisher from the school accepted to take care of my school fee and other school needs. This was a Pastor called James, who injected hope back in my life by always stating that besides education we needed to have integrity, honesty, generosity, and kindness as the foundation of our future life. He also stated that “if you want to go far you go with others but if you want to go quickly you go it alone”. I have kept these words in my heart to date and they have formed the pillar of my philosophy in life.


Bruce Peters-Student of the Year Mar 20, 2019
Lake Forest Elementary School
Kathi Guerrero Mar 27, 2019
First 5-El Dorado
First 5-El Dorado

First 5 Association is a nonprofit membership organization that advocates for and works with the state’s 58 First 5 county commissions to build strong, effective, and sustainable systems serving California’s youngest children.

Michele Miller-Student of the Year Apr 10, 2019
Jackson Elementary School
Kathy Holliman-Student of the Year May 15, 2019
Silva Valley Elementary School