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Folsom Lake College President Whitney Yamamura Oct 24, 2018
Folsom Lake College
Folsom Lake College

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Whitney Yamamura has served in the Los Rios District for almost 30 years and, with his appointment, becomes the second Asian American College President in the history of the Los Rios District. Having most recently served as Interim President of Sacramento City College, Whitney has also worked as Vice President of Instruction at Cosumnes River College, the founding Dean of American River College's Natomas Center as well as American River College's Dean of Behavioral and Social Sciences. Whitney began his tenure as a member of the American River College faculty, as an adjunct and full-time Professor of Economics.

"It is an honor to have been selected to serve as the President of Folsom Lake College," said Yamamura. "I am excited to join the talented and hard-working team of faculty and staff as we continue to grow our college and look for new and creative ways to serve students."

Ann Wofford Oct 31, 2018
Ag in the Classroom
Ag in the Classroom

-Please RSVP through Facebook or to Joy Knight at 916-220-5686/sjk12876@yahoo.com. Come for breakfast, listen and learn, or both!


-Breakfast not included, but available for $10 with advance notice.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote an understanding and appreciation of how important and all-encompassing agriculture is in our daily lives.
We do this by providing quality educational resources and programs that:

  • Connect students to hands-on agricultural experiences;
  • Help students make informed decisions about their food choices and health;
  • Promote an understanding of the sustainable production of food, fiber, and shelter;
  • Highlight the significance of our local food supply and agricultural heritage.

El Dorado County Ag in the Classroom is a local, grassroots, charitable organization that provides quality agriculture-related educational resources, programs, and training opportunities to increase awareness and understanding of the importance of agriculture in our lives.
El Dorado County residents enjoy many benefits of diverse agricultural operations – farms, orchards, vineyards, timber lands, cattle ranches, olive groves, and many others – that fuel our economy, feed our families, and preserve our beautiful rural landscapes.
Agriculture is part of our daily lives – from the food we eat, the clothes we wear, the homes we live in. Ag in the Classroom provides resources and opportunities for children to gain an appreciation and understanding of the role of agriculture. When students learn about soil, cultivation, food cycles, animals, nutrition, natural resources, and stewardship of the land, they can make informed decisions as consumers and community members as they grow up.
Through programs like Farm Day and Fields of Learning, El Dorado County Ag in the Classroom offers educators, students, and the public opportunities to learn about agriculture in context of local farms, ranches, vineyards, and forests.
Through the hard work of our partners and volunteers, high quality standards-based educational resources and activities are available to educators throughout El Dorado County.

Pam Brozek-Fregoso Foundation Nov 07, 2018
Fregoso Outdoor Foundation
Fregoso Outdoor Foundation
The Foundation was founded in 2010 by Max and Kelly Fregoso to support soldiers, veterans and military families in coping with combat, deployment and adjusting to coming home. Their walk with the Lord and love of the Great Outdoors has provided them with the passion, the partnerships, the people, the vision, the leadership, and the plan to connect soldiers, veterans and military families with the great healing power and natural blessings of nature. The Fregoso Foundation partners expert outdoorsmen and outfitters with the brave men, woman and their families who have sacrificed so much for us and provides them with the opportunity to enjoy the serenity and challenge of outdoor activities. Based on the physical, emotional, and social interests of participants, and recognizing developmental principles, the Fregoso Outdoor Foundation offers diversified activities that help gain self-confidence and self-esteem, re-enforce active lifestyles, increase self-reliance; and adopt constructive new hobbies.
Levi Cambridge-Student of the Year Nov 14, 2018
Marina Village Middle School
Elena DeLacy Nov 28, 2018
American River Conservancy
American River Conservancy


The American River Conservancy protects habitat, native fisheries, scenic vistas, and recreational lands within the upper American River and Cosumnes River watersheds.
To date, we have successfully protected over 24,800 acres.


ARC continues to offer high quality educational programming in the form of Nature Bowl, Nature Camp, Public Programs and Hikes, and California Naturalists Courses.


Land stewardship is the recognition of our collective responsibility to retain, manage and enhance the quality and abundance of our land, air, water and biodiversity.



Marshall Cox Dec 05, 2018
El Dorado Hills Fire Department

This meeting will be held at Fire Station 85, 1050 El Dorado Hills Blvd 

Jonathan Lee-Student of the Year Dec 12, 2018
William Brooks Elementary School
Kathy Miracle-Student of the Year Jan 16, 2019
Lakeview Elementary School
Tracy Linyard-Student of the Year Feb 20, 2019
Oak Meadow Elementary School
Bruce Peters-Student of the Year Mar 20, 2019
Lake Forest Elementary School
Michele Miller-Student of the Year Apr 10, 2019
Jackson Elementary School